Culture History of Palaungic Ethnolinguistic Groups

The Wa have for generations been one of the most despised peoples among the Palaungic groups in Southeast Asia - principally due to their reputation of headhunting and 'primitive' life style. (xxx) The uniqueness such a life style has been dispelled by Fiskesjö (2000) who has documented that such practices as cutting heads was the norm by many other ethnolinguistic groups, including the Chinese.

  • Chinese Sources
  • Thai sources
    • Various Chronicles have documented the presence in the various Tai / Shan/ Thai areas of peoples known as Lawa, Tuuila, and Wa.
  • Travelogues
    • Notes typically made in a travel journal and later published have been useful in documenting the presence and lifestyles of various Palaungic peoples.
  • Burmese Sources
  • British-Burma Sources during the Colonization period
  • Mission documents
  • Wa sources
    • Myths
    • Personal histories
    • Kinship
    • Migration documentation
  • Bibliography

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