Christian Resources

The principle source of the first minority publications or booklets among the Palaungic languages have been Christian publications. This site acknowledges the foresight with which Christian missions have embraced the indigenous languages in a effort to communicate effectively.

The following repository of materials is meant to be something of an electronic library where the interested scholar, or Christian servant, or indigenous leaders wishing to obtain publications that have been lost or out of print can find and print their own copies.

New materials are desired to increase the library repository. Please contact the editor at to deposit new or old materials. PDF is the preferred format for ease of downloading and avoiding the problem of fonts.

  • Wa - "Bible Wa" documents from:
  • Wa - China side documents
  • Palaung languages
    • Ruching Palaung (Pale Palaung)
    • Rumai Palaung
    • Golden Palaung (Shwe Palaung)
  • Plang
    • Pang Pung Plang
    • Man Noi Plang
  • Danaw-
    • Gospel of Mark
  • Riang Lang -
  • Tai Loi -

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