Palaung History

The Palaung groups have for generations been the occupiers of the area between the Shweli River and the southern Shan states, including areas north of the Shweli River into what is now-days the Southwestern Yunnan province of China, the Baoshan district.

  • Chinese Sources
  • Thai sources
    • Various Chronicles have documented the presence in the various Tai / Shan/ Thai areas of peoples known as Lawa, Tuuila, and Wa.
  • Travelogues
    • Notes typically made in a travel journal and later published have been useful in documenting the presence and lifestyles of various Palaungic peoples.
  • Burmese Sources
  • British-Burma Sources during the Colonization period
  • Mission documents
  • Palaung sources
    • Myths
    • Personal histories
    • Kinship
    • Migration documentation
  • Bibliography

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